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    Question Buying butane/propane gas (for camping) in Santo Domingo...

    Are there any outdoors / camping stores in Santo Domingo? I'm looking to get some fuel for a stove I brought down (can't pack fuel on a plane, obviously). Type of fuel is this. Checked all the camping sections of general stores (Cuesta, ACE), but couldn't find any fuel. I'm pessimestic I'd find it even there, but are there any camping specialty stores in Santo Domingo?

    Failing that, would there be any problem shipping the fuel via the usual Miami P.O. box route?


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    Try Ferreteria Americana in SD (next to the new IKEA on JFK near Lincoln. They have a decent camping department and have the Coleman catalog so they could possibly order it if they don't have it in stock. They do stock the larger green propane coleman fuel cans.

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    If you need to buy a propane/butane gas, that is "LPG" in English, and GLP in Spanish. there are filling stations everywere in the DR and it costs 85 pesos per gallon.
    Just ask for "planta de gas".

    Also, you can buy a small cylinder in the DR for about 1.500 pesos, so better save the weight/baggage fees and buy it down here. Many filling stations sell them, and also most department stores sell empty cylinders. These are small cylinders, you can easily carry them, and take about 6 gallons.


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