09/11/2003-09/14/2003 (Long Post)

Jersey Devil

Jul 5, 2002
Hi all,

I just returned from Santo Domingo today.
On Thursday my flight arrived on time. After
having watched the peso's movements, here
at DR1, against the dollar I thought 32.50 was
fair and exchanged $200.00 at the airport.
I felt like I was in the express lane at customs
because it about 15-20 minutes in total including
buying my tourist card and luggage. I was waived
right thru without even having my luggage checked.
My wife's brother-in-law, El JEFE , Juanito picked
me up. Since I had rented a car on my last few trips it
was nice to not feel the stress of driving in the DR this
time. Once back in Bella Vista I headed to Plaza Central
to look for some bargains. Not much luck. After walking from
Plaza Central to Supermercados Nacional en el 27
with my niece who had a class Madre y Maestra that early evening I went comparasion shopping. While there I made a
friend, Celeste who had a can fall thru her damaged hand held
shopping cart. I picked it up then proceeded to go find her
another one. We then struck up a conversation and she told my
where I could find the bookstore. Unfortunately they did not have the book by Umberto Eco that my wife has been trying to get.
After purchaing a quart of Rica Orange Juice I proceeded to
walk from Lincoln east to Maximo Gomez then south down to
Calle Santiago where I stopped at spamichelle for a few
drinks. Afer I returned back to Bella Vista, I showered again
and went off to Jaragua to play some BlackJack. If only one
knew when to quit. I got there about 12:30 am or so and
proceeded to stay until around 6. The house band was very
good. I even had an opportunity to compliment one of the
singers in between sets. End of Day 1

Jersey Devil

Jul 5, 2002
2 09/12/03

On Friday I woke up after a short period of sleep, maybe 2 1/2
hours. After getting myself together, I walked from Higuemota near El Dragon de Oro (en el Romulo Betancourt) down to Bella Vista mall on Sarasota to visit my niece. She had been recently
been promoted to branch manager of the BanReservas branch.
However I was told she had left the office. This later turned out
to be untrue, but not knowing at the time I headed back to Plaza
Central by taxi(70 $RD). While there I changed a few hundred
more this time @ 33.50. I also picked up a shirt on this visit
to use the following night at a party in Juan Lopez Moca.
Since my brother-in-law was to stop home for lunch I hustled
back home by taxi (also $70RD). I ordered some Pizza Hut,
with the corn topping I like so much that still isn't offered
in the States(as far as I know). That afternoon I waited for
another brother-in-law of mine, Eddy, to pick me up. We
headed back east to Calle Mexico above Pollo Victorina
where my sister-in-law Tona lives. After having one of her
tasty juice concoctions, we headed to see Eddy's new home
in Las Caobas. At this point it was raining hard and it made the ride along 27 de febrero slower than usual. Since it had been
almost two years since my last visit I had not seen Eddy and Marcia's youngest daughter since she arrived in this world
April 12, 2002. E & M now have three lovely young daughters.
I also met Marcia's cousin Rocio. What a special girl.
After catching up on old times, Eddy and I headed out for Boys Night Out.

to be continued.........................

Jersey Devil

Jul 5, 2002

First I headed off to buy more pesos. This time the price was
a less favorable 32:1 in Plaza Lama. Then we went to Pollo
Victorina on AVE Churchill. After that we headed down to
spamichelle, (I know, AGAIN). We were there for a while
hanging out at the bar before heading off to Jaragua for
some BlackJack. At one point I was up about 2000 pesos,
but gave it all back before we called it a night. Oh, I almost
forgot this. Then we went to the Doll House. Not exactly
my kind of place, but Eddy enjoyed it. End of Day 2.