10-year old is President for a day


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Feb 20, 2019
Melany Sharay / Listin Diario

Azua public school student Melany Sharay was chosen to represent Dominican girls for Girls’ Day at the Presidency on Sunday, 11 October 2020. The event was staged at the Presidential Palace to motivate girls to develop their full potential. The Dominican Republic is tops in the region in child unions and teenage pregnancies.

First Lady Raquel Arbaje received the child at her arrival to the Presidency on Sunday afternoon. The 10-year old spent the entire afternoon with President Abinader and the First Lady.

She sat in on a meeting with the Climate Change Council, where she was introduced as “President for a day.” She was accompanied by her grandfather and by the director of Plan International Dominican Republic, Virginia Saiz. Plan International is spearheading a national effort to ban the marriage of girls under 18 years in...

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Sep 14, 2007
Fantastic. Just another example of what this current government is doing to try and make a change. Everyone is entitled to their political views but after living here for 17 years I really do think that this is the government that will make a difference and do their best to raise the standards of this beautiful country. Bravo!