2-Up to Samana Peninsula - cavebiker & cavegirl


Feb 10, 2012
Great pix ... Are you a tourist visiting, or do you live in the DR?

When you are immersed in work, and work, and work, you even forget that there's so much beauty lying around everywhere ... time to take a road trip again!

Hey rubio_higuey,
Thanks for the thumbs up. We are in the states now, I wrote this stuff in 2011? as it was happening. I didn?t want to change it I guess (lazy). This is a beautiful island indeed.

wondering what do you call these because I was told that they are not empanadas?

very nice pics that's the beach that I want to go to

Hey paintedlbird7,

The light colored things on the left are for-sure empanadas but the torpedo looking things on the right, I am not sure.

I think my favorite empanada of all is a perfectly cooked empanada de huevos e case. The little cart at the pharmasia in Sabaneta on hwy 5 makes the vary best in the world.

Tom F.

Jan 1, 2002
Love the pictures. This is exactly where I go when I want to hit the beach while in the DR. Las Terrenas is absolutely beautiful, and I also have a similar size bike and ride from SFM. But I could never get my wife to take a trip beyond a 2 or 3 minute ride in the campo.


Oct 18, 2004
I fell in love with Las Terranas the first time I visited 12 years ago. With all of the changes and upgrading, the one thing that has remained constant are the magnificant beaches that you have so wonderfully photographed. I am looking forward to returning in a few months. At the risk of inviting a horde, let me say to all who have never been, you owe yourself a visit.
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Master of my own fate.
Oct 10, 2002
Well done! The old Sanchez to LT road used to be my favorite road in the DR (in a car not riding bikes anymore) through the small villages. I haven't been to Las Galleras for ages nice to see these pics.
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