2008 Caribbean World Series - 50th Anniversary


Jun 2, 2006
The WBC will have an effect on the SDC next year.

yes, this will be very interesting especially on the MLB players...


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Dec 18, 2007
Mooreman: Just checked in to this thread.

I left a private message for you with email info.

I need advice/help on Mexicali seats..


I have a ton of pictures of my trip to the Caribbean World Series. You tend to collect a bunch when you sit through all 12 games. Overall, I was HIGHLY disappointed in this Caribbean World Series. I thought Mazatlan in '05 and Carolina in '07 were MUCH better attended. It was standing room only for those places when the home team played. What happened in Santiago with the scalpers was a disgrace. There was a lot of surprise it was held there instead of Santo Domingo, and I can say I don't think it'll ever be held there again.

Mexico played like they normally do so I don't think the bar had anything to do with it. They had been 1-15 in the Series since their championship in 2005 before their dramatic amazing victory over Licey. They won their last 2, and set up momentum for next year in Mexicali, when they'll field the strongest Pre-World Baseball Classic team possible. The WBC will have an effect on the SDC next year.

Anyway, thanks to Chip and Planner for all their help. There were a lot of hiccups along the way as it was, and without their invaluable help there is no way I would have made all 12 games. The resort screwed us blue so they gave me a free week. Think I might use it during the regular season. Catch an Aguilas game of course, but I'll come in early and see a couple of games in Santo Domingo.

It was a joy chatting with you all, and steveo I have some good pictures of you with a very large Tiger. Guys shoot me an email if you want some pictures and the like.

Viva Mexico in 2009 :) :) See you guys in my backyard (sort of)----MEXICALI!!!