2022 Hurricane Season


Mar 13, 2017
I think it's a good idea for the next hurricane that is due . to get on a plane out of here especially if you have kids..fly in land or go to the capital in one of those big hotels on the north side of 27th
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Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
That Ian looks like it will become a powerful dangerous P.I.T.Azz later this week for the FL Gulf Coast and Southern Georgia/Alabama.
Despite all what happened due Fiona, we are on the really full lucky side this season so far here in DR.
And conditions out there East on the Tropical Highway are good enough to produce/allow any size/strength of stormy kinda shi.t .
We have little dry air amounts out there, none near the Windward/Leeward Island nor over the Caribbean Sea.
Areas with windshear out there are small patches and none on the high side.
We have to keep our fingers crossed and the ones who believe in such keep their prayers going, so that it will stay this way.
This Season look's shifted backwards this year, late start and we can await a late finish.
I do not believe that it will be over by end October, which it usually is for our region.
If we get only one more " Fiona" this season, then we can consider ourself very lucky and should start playing the Lottery for a living.
Keep your places/homes ready for hardware staff, so you can dig in quickly at any time.
To understand how favorable conditions are, look on Ian.
Now, SW of Jamaica, a simple TS with 50mphr winds, a centra pressure over 1000mb.
By just early Tuesday morning a Mayor Hurricane over the Western Tip of Cuba approaching quickly the NEern US-Gulf Coasts with still quickly Rising powers.
Conditions are top for storm development, hence for the next weeks to come we will see them growing quick and as Fiona they do not collapse that easy or even rise powers even over Land right aside our high DR mountains.

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
I had a triple rib fracture in the same accident that mangled my leg. Was alone in Puerto Plata and getting in and out of bed was so incredibly painful that I slept in my office chair for a month. I put it at the end of my bed, got my legs onto the bed and then tipped the chair back as far as it would go. I was flat on my back without the pain caused by getting in and out of bed. The tipping mechanism took the pressure off my torso and eliminated most of the pain.

If you have an office chair, try it to see if that works for you.

Also, I can tell you that by 4 weeks past the injury the fractures had healed enough that every change of position was no longer torture.
Yes, the bed is the worst of the problems
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Jan 20, 2003
Seeing the news reports of the aftermath of Ian in Florida, much looks like a war zone. Hope any DR1ers out there are OK. Many areas are suffering power blackouts, so many could be fine but no way to connect online.

Orlando area, which has a sizable Dominican community, seem to be hit hard with the floodings.


Jul 10, 2004
I think it's a good idea for the next hurricane that is due . to get on a plane out of here especially if you have kids..fly in land or go to the capital in one of those big hotels on the north side of 27th
Depends. Since I am in Cabarete. I will stay where I am. No reason at all to leave in storm season.
For others on the South or East coasts of the DR, perhaps Jarabacoa or other mountain town?
I was just there and in Constanza, which I cannot recommend, but would likely be quite safe as well.

There still have never been hurricane force winds in the Cabarete/Sosua area.
A couple of days without Edenorte thanks to Ian, so I ran a generator to charge batteries until power was back


Mar 8, 2011

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