24/7 electricity for Villa Juana.

Don Juan

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Dec 5, 2003
According to El Caribe, the utility co. EDEEste has committed itself to supplying uninterrupted power, beginning today Wednesday, Jan. 31st. 07, to this community in SD.
the report continues to emphasize that, based on an agreement brokered by the local residents, they will have to, collectively, pay their bills on time. No word on the consequence to the contrary.

The utility's CEO, Jesus Molina praise the resident's affords in getting this "historical agreement" to fruition.

This is the third such agreement implemented by the company, after that in El Seybo and Hato Mayor. --end of report.

I'm just flabbergasted to think the constant power blackouts could be so easily resolved!... What am I missing here?



Mar 18, 2002
It hasn't been resolved yet. EDEEste only promised to resolve it.

Does anyone on this board live in Villa Juana (or El Seybo and Hato Mayor)? It would be interesting to hear what they have to say.


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Dec 9, 2002
Today's DR1 news covered it:

Villa Juana to get 24-hour power
Santo Domingo's Villa Juana area will now get 24 hours of power. EdeEste guaranteed the 24-hour service after 30,000 Villa Juana residents signed a social contract promising to pay their electricity bills in full and on time. The agreement is part of a plan by EdeEste to provide power to communities that pledge to pay their bills. EdeEste has successfully implemented this plan in several towns in the east of the country, but Villa Juana is the first Santo Domingo neighborhood to officially become a "24-hour power community".
Jesus Bolinaga from EdeEste, Santo Domingo Mayor Roberto Salcedo, Electricity Superintendent Francisco Mendez and Kevin Manning from the American Chamber of Commerce were at the signing ceremony. Representatives of Villa Juana church groups, schools, sports clubs and community centers also attended the event.

DR1 member Rick Snyder lives in El Seybo, as does one other poster, IIRC. They have posted about the 24-hr electricity there. Maybe one of you could update us?