3 Bedroom House to Rent


Jul 2, 2007
Greetings fellow expats, DR citizens and residents alike....I have a two story three bedroom house to rent in a gated cul de sac in Ensanche Isabelita Santo Domingo Este. It is close to Avenida Espana and a couple of city blocks to the waterfront and is a short and easy trip to bars, grocery stores, hardware stores and Las Americas airport. My recent tenant secured visas to relocate his family the USA. As a result I am looking for another reliable tenant. I am an absentee owner and therefore use a reliable DR abagado to handle technical and legal issues of dealing with rental clients. My question is where can I personaly advertise the property to rent to locals and expats alike? Looking for websites or other means of advertising that are orientated to Santo Domingo house rentals. I am also curious as to what the suggested current rental rates might be for a two story three bedroom house given the location...?

Many thanks...