393 apply for the 10 JCE positions


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Feb 20, 2019
Román Jáquez, Eddy Olivares and Ramón Madera / El Dia

The Senate committee in charge of preparing the vote to elect the five members and five alternates for the Central Electoral Board (JCE) announced that 393 persons applied by the 22 September 2020 deadline.

The committee head, senator Ricardo de los Santos says they will first discard applications that are incomplete or do not meet the requirements.

Then the official list will be made public for citizens to present objections to any of the pre-candidates. The finalists will then be subject to the vote of the senators.

The JCE is in charge of organization elections and the civil registry in the Dominican Republic.

The Constitution establishes that the Senate has the exclusive duty of appointing the members of the Central Electoral Board and their alternates by a majority of two-thirds of the senators...
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