6 Inch Nails


Oct 21, 2002
We saw the damnest thing tonight at around dusk. Travelling on the road between Monte Cristi and Santiago we came across a new military checkpoint that sure was not there before. There are a few checkpoints along that road and the fellows are always cordial and quick to wave us on our way after a greeting, a quick look around and a smile.

As we were visibly slowing down and opening windows to stop at the checkpoint, a closed delivery truck from behind us started passing on the left, and wanted to pass the checkpoint as well, at quite a speed. The soldiers at the checkpoint grabbed hold of a thick board absolutely covered with hammered through mean looking thick 6 inch nails and started running across the road in front of us, obviously to throw the board under the wheels of the fast moving closed delivery truck. The soldiers looked meaner than snakes and crossed the road like greased lightening with this bommy knocker, wheel busting, truck stopping board.

The driver of the closed delivery truck saw them, hit the brakes and came to a screeching stop on the veranda of a colmado on the left hand side of the road.

It was wild. The one soldier put a mean smile on his face while he then sauntered back to us to greet and wave us on - and about 6 more of them gathered around the closed delivery truck. We smiled, greeted, I told the soldier he almost stopped my heart... and then we moved on fairly fast. :classic:

Now I'm just wondering --- if the truck did not slam on the brakes, and the soldiers tossed the board, would the colmado still be there?


Jan 1, 2002
Maybe not but the 50 Haitians in the back of the truck might well be alive...

Or not...Interesting..

HB :D:D:D\\