a chiropractor wants to get his MD degree in UNIBE


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Feb 12, 2002
i am a licensed chiropractor in USA and a US Citizen. I would like to go to Unibe to get my M.D. degree. Is there a chance of getting residency in US? and practice in the US . Please advise from your personal experience.


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Jan 19, 2002
DC to MD?


The answer to your question is: Little to NO chance of a US residency program.

The question is.............Why would you want to undertake a project of this magnitude??????

A good Chiropractor makes much more money than most "Primary Care" docs in the US. !!! It just doesn't make sense. :(


Jan 2, 2002
Bichondad is right.
Stick to what you do best. You might be able to transfer a few of your credits (the medical courses) to the unibe but they woould want you to repeat almost all the courses in order to get your MD degree. The more courses you would repeat, the more money they would get out of you.
I remember, in san jose, costa rica, the Medical program administrator had offered to take in all of my chiropractic (medical) courses and offered to give me an MD degree in 2 years or less. That was 5 years ago. DR is not costa rica.
Getting a residency in USA is very difficult if you graduate from DR schools. There was a scandal unfolded a few years ago which caused the closure of a few universities here. The media had claimed that the degrees were being sold to student who weren't even attending the classes.
Anyway, I am not up to date with the current reputation of Dr medical schools. There are still many students from various countries studying in the medical program.
BTW, I am full time chiropractor in santiago.