a few questions


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Jan 6, 2004
This is my first posting. First, I'd like to say that I've been reading these threads for a week now and have learned a lot.

I have a few questions regarding the move to DR. If you could help on any of the following, I'd greatly appreciate it.

1.what is the process for bringing dogs over from the US. Will they be quarantined, and if so, do you know for how long? Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of the conditions where my dog would be quarantined? Can we visit him if he has to be there a long time?

2. is high speed internet available outside of the big cities?

3. What kind of satellite TV programming is availble in DR? More specifically, is "DISH Network" or "DirectTV" available. I ask because I own some racehorses and there is a horse racing channel (TVG) available on those satellite providers where I could watch my horses run.




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Dec 30, 2003
Hi Foratag:
I'm new to DR1 too, but I bet I can help with your questions.
1) I brought my dog here from the States in September... there are a few things you should know. 1st, if you are travelling from US, the dog can only go beneath the plane, not under the seat with you. 2nd, the dog needs a USDA signed certificate saying your dogs is safe for travel. Tell your vet you need the USDA papers and bring the dog to the vet no more than 15 days before his trip. Otherwise, you may have to pay a visit to the vetport while you are trying to catch a plane! Once the plane arrived, immediately go to your Airlines Representative to pick up the dog. It took longer to check in my dog than to pick her up and bring her through customs, that was a joke. Also, very important to remember is that most airlines do not allow dogs to travel to DR between May 15 and September 15- figure this is because of the rule that they can't go underneath.
2) It took awhile to get connected, but Codetel's "Flash" works pretty good for me here. I am 40 minutes outside of Santo Domingo and I haven't had any real problems with it, just that it is expensive depending on the speed. For me, it is just as good as verizon or cablevison service in the States.
3) Most people I've met who have some kind of Sattelite Dish are using programmable cards to receive different services. I'd perform a DR1 search for more info- but yes Satellite TV is available here.


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Jan 17, 2003
ANOTHER Directtv pregunta

SINCE directtv seems to have been a "sponsor" at the seriesdecaribe - as seen by their advertising banners around the field, does that mean their service is "available" here?????

Jerry K

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Jan 1, 2002
The DirectTV ads are for the Latino satellite service, completely in Spanish.
You only need the 18" dish for it. For regular gringo stateside service you'll need a 6 foot dish. Either bring a legit receiver and card down from the states or go the hot card route down here. Both Direct and Dish have good signals with a 6 foot dish.