A K9 needs a travel companion before Mar 31


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Apr 25, 2006
We have a situation in which a lovely dog is trying to be rehomed to Canada.
He had a fracture in his ankle, and had no home. He won over our friends who have taken him for xrays, a splint, Dr. Bob's for neuter and shots. They had to leave yesterday. He is with a friend until she leaves. We have committed to look after Cassidy, until he is well enough to travel, and his shots have become effective. Another person had volunteered to travel with him on April 9!! However WestJet stops pet travel March 31, due to heat restrictions.
We are sincerely hoping after all that has happened for this wonderful dog, that we can get him reunited with his Canadian family, who love him and want him.
We are hoping that someone who is travelling from POP to Toronto direct before March 31 will offer to be his guardian. He will be brought to the airport with all his travel documents and ready to go, no fuss for anyone volunteering, he will be met in Toronto eagerly!!
Please PM me for any further details.
We are also searching for a reasonable priced travel crate.
Any suggestions to make another doggy happy ending greatly appreciated!!!