A man moves into a new house with his wife.



He’s painting the living room when he hears a little knock on the door.

The man goes to the door and looks around, but doesn’t see anything so he closes the door, but as he’s walking away he hears the same little knock at his door.

He opens the door and looks around, and looks down, and staring up at him is a snail. This being a new home and not wanting pests, the man picks up the snail and throws it as fair as he can. He wipes his hands and goes back to painting

His wife gets home later with some groceries and he finishes painting. They have a lovely dinner and retire to bedroom to watch a movie and have a glass of wine. Soon they are having sex. They wake up the next day happy and in love.

A few weeks later the man’s wife finds out she’s pregnant. She shares the news with the man and they are overjoyed.

Time passes and her belly grows from a small bump to a much larger bump and before long she’s in labour.

The couple bring home their healthy baby girl and name her Sophie.

Sophie grows like a weed, she takes her first steps, says her first words, and becomes a rambunctious two year old.

The couple decides that Sophie should have a sibling and so they get to work and a year later Sophie has a baby brother named Benjamin.

Benjamin grows just as weed-like as Sophie. He takes his first steps, he says his first words, and when Sophie turns five, Benjamin is a few weeks from his second birthday.

Sophie starts school and Benjamin spends time in day care so that their mother can go back to work as an obstetrician. The man works less now that his wife is back to work and they have time to spend with their children.

Benjamin starts school and Sophie takes piano lessons, and plays soccer. Their parents can barely keep up to their energetic kids. But they agree it’s a blessing Sophie and Benjamin get along so well.

That changes when Sophie starts middle school and her younger brother starts to get on her nerves. But not long after Benjamin is in middle school with his sister just about to leave.

Benjamin plays in the school band and Sophie is on the drama team. Their parents couldn’t be prouder.

Sophie starts high school and introduces the family to her first boyfriend. Benjamin doesn’t like him, and is protective of his sister.

But Benjamin’s instincts are good, and Sophie suffers her first heartbreak. The man consoles his daughter and although she’s sad for awhile, she’s soon back to smiling as much as before. She graduates and goes to college.

Benjamin misses his sister, and spends his time drawing and playing music. He graduates as well and attends a prestigious art school.

As the couple drive back from dropping off their second child at his new adventure, they think back on the wonderful years they’ve spent in the house.

They get home and the woman goes up stairs to take a nap. The man goes to read a book in the living room.

Just as he sits down he hears a little knock on the door. So he goes to the door and he looks around, but sees nothing. So he closes the door but as he’s walking away he hears the same little knock at the door.

He opens the door and looks around, and looks down and he sees a snail.

The snail looks up at him and says “Hey a$$hole, what the **** was that all about!?”