A meal in Santo Domingo


Jan 1, 2002
After our visit to the good lady about immigration, my friend John and his lady Nery and I went to El Bistro 9 on Agustine Lara Street (paralel to Abraham Lincoln and a block in). The place is tucked away, and it took us some twists and turns to find it, but it was worth the effort.

Actually, it is easy to get to: Just turn east at the corner where there is a Papa John's and a Berger King, maybe two blocks south of Max Henriquez???

Anyway, once on Agustin Lara it is pretty easy to find.

It is a small place but very well appointed...inside perhaps 6 tables and outside another four or five.

the menu is short, somewhat expensive for a hick like me from the countryside, but, and I am being cautious, the food is exquisite! I would recommend this place to anyone....the atmosphere is conducive to conversations and the music is in the background. Your host (Alexander in our case) is indeed well versed in matters pertaining to food and wine. And the wine is very, very good. We had a Glorioso fron the Rioja region,,,,,after a couple of Presidentes to quench the thirst and fight off the heat of Santo Domingo--a real concrete jungle nowadays...

This is one of those little places you go by on the way to some place else. So stop in with someone you really like and enjoy a meal, you will not be sorry.

Prices for Entradas were between $5 and $8 +/- and some of the big dishes were around $20. If they were anything like our Cheese Lovers Steakbergers they must be fabulous!!!

I AM going back!



Bistro 9
Agustin Lara #9, Piantini
809 227 8769
E-mail: alvarez_carlo@hotmail.com


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Jun 19, 2003
it's not a bad little place....a couple of people i know go there regularly.....over the last couple of years quite a few of these little restaurants have popped up in the side streets of santo domingo.

a delicatessen type place is practically opposite it, my family often get their rations of carpaccio there.

"cuts" is just round the corner from them which can also be good when they get it right - unfortunately they keep getting it wrong more times than right lately. not bad for a drink and a chat though.

agustin lara is one of those streets that is slowly metamorphosing from residential to commercial......fascinating to watch.