A new Japanese eatery in Santo Domingo (AKA)


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Mar 5, 2003
I just dined at this place on Friday night and was pleasantly surprised by its reasonable pricing, hip/intimate decor and extra-fresh raw fish.

I ordered two different kinds of hand rolls (Cone-shaped seaweed wraps with rice and seafood inside) as well as a mixed sashima platter. While the hand rolls were OK, the sashimi were out of the world ! So mouth-meltingly fresh as if they just leaped straight from the ocean. It costs RD$260 and has 6 kinds of raw seafood (4 slices each): Salmon, tuna, scallop, conch, .etc. Definitely the best raw fish I've had so far in DR. The drawback is the portion is as mini as the pricing ;)

The menu is fairly comprehensive and the prices are considerably lower than those at Samurai, the de facto Japanese institution in Santo Domingo. Average per person is around RD$450, which is low for Japanese food anywhere.

The place is called "AKA". It's tucked inside Plaza Orleans (if you drive north on Ave. Churchill, it's on your left hand side shortly before you hit Ave. Charles Summer), just a few steps from Pescayama (which sells lots of frozen fish). The place is tiny, fitting probably no more than 20 people.

Note: This places does NOT offer any soup or noodle dishes.

I'm definitely going back to try other items on the menu.

Sushi en rojo
Aka sushi bar, un lugar creado para complacer a los fan?ticos de este manjar de la cocina japonesa