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Although this is a bit on the navel-gazing side, it does have its Domincanish moments. Enjoy!

Gloria In Excelsis Ertia
Posted on July 26, 2019 by meemselle


/ɪˈnəːʃə/ inertia. noun.

a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.
inactivity, inaction, inactiveness, inertness, passivity, apathy, accidie, malaise, stagnation, dullness, enervation, sluggishness, lethargy, languor, languidness, listlessness, torpor, torpidity, idleness, indolence, laziness, sloth, slothfulness
Origin: from Latin, from {iners,} {inert-}.

Gentle Readers, I have such a bad case of inertia that I can’t even be bothered to define it for you. This is not like me. I’m always showing off my words.

This is a particularly virulent case of inertia. I could blame it on the weather. It’s hot. But OK, it’s summer in the Dominican Republic, so it’s hot. No hotter than it is in France right now, bless their poor little Gallic hearts, and this is part of what one signs on for by choosing to live here. I am not complaining. It’s just also knowing that it’s going to be hot like this until November.

But you don’t have to shovel heat.

I could blame it on lingering malaise brought on by my recent trip to the USSA. But it’s been two weeks already, and there’s blame enough aplenty to be heaped upon the USSA, so I’m not going to use that.

And although I am VERY good at it, I don’t want to play the Blame Game.

I particularly don’t want to play the Blame Game because the only one to “blame” is me. And while we’re at it, let’s think about “blame,” which is a pretty un-productive way of dealing with oneself, don’t you agree?

Some shrink at one time or another of my many hours on the couch/in the chair/on the bench observed that I would never talk so negatively about a friend in the way I consistently talked about myself. This was a good shrink. This is a great observation. This is what you pay a shrink to do.

Aren’t many of us very accomplished at deprecating ourselves? And not in slightly-mocking, self-deprecating humour. Although doesn’t it spring from the same place?

So instead of blaming myself (or I could just blame all of you, as the Blame Game has no rules or boundaries), let’s do a little Inertia Quiz.

I’m making the quiz. You don’t get to grade it. If you want one, get off your own inertia and make one. Damnit.

Without further ado or hyperbole, here are the 10 Questions in the Meemselle Inertia Quiz:

Arise at 9.30, after deciding that pain in knee has sufficiently subsided to slide from bed, allowing both feet to hit the floor without major burst of piteous and protracted screaming.

NO inertia here.

Take a shower, with note to self that it really IS time to call the plumber to come and put on the new showerhead, because the old one came off, and so ablutions are performed with just the hose of a handheld shower. Reach for towel and think it really is time to send the laundry out.

UNDECIDED: Shower-taking: no inertia. Showerhead and laundry: inertia.

Take greca from fridge (yes, I put the espresso pot together last night!) and make coffee. Over-boil milk. Decide not to clean the milk pitcher to heat more milk and drink lukewarm coffee instead.

No inertia here. Pre-planning: a huge plus. Getting coffee into system is priority

Puzzle over which is more work: toast or an English muffin. The English muffins are new. Toast I can have any time. Opt for E-muff.

No actual inertia, as is also pre-caffeine.

Check e-mail, currency exchange, bank balance. Latter is very depressing.

Showing remarkable initiative in the face of possible misfortune.

Check news of the day on The New York Times on-line. This is more depressing than my bank balance.

I am perhaps the bravest, most un-ertia person of all time.

Make bed. Brush hair and teeth.

No interia.

Reheat coffee in saucepan, as it is absolutely tepid. Finish E-muff, noting that it will be time for a new toaster soon.

Excellent effort in reheating coffee. Toaster can wait. No inertia here.

Think about working on a Few Words. Spend approximately 90 minutes checking baseball highlights, posting the penultimate book in the 7-Day Book Cover Challenge sent to me by LisaEllen, send a few WhatsApp messages to local friends, randomly Google names in the news, geography of Germany, conjugation of two Spanish verbs, recipe for marrons glacés, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Inertia. 'Nuf ced.

Do the dishes. Decide burner on stove where the milk burned is still too hot to handle. Grosses me out, though, so I take off the trivet and gas cover with potholder. I do not burn myself. Put trivet and gas cover in sink. Cover with warm soapy water.

Excellent initiative. Although 2 hours later, items still in sink. Water drained out long ago.

So: end of self-examination. I give myself 2.5 out of 10.

I am the busiest person in Sosúa!

Although at the start, Darlinos, I thought I was the poor miller’s daughter with no solution to inertia, it turns out I am Rumpelstilskin after all, spinning dross into gold!