A new syndrom or an old one? or no syndrom at all?


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Jun 4, 2003
Every now and then I notice some um how should I say . . . northern immigrants to the DR, example I was driving through the bario in POP and noticed 2 women I think from Britian that were white (they kind of stuck out) (X can beat me over the head for being the first to mention color in this thread). Anyway they were walking to the Bodega just ahead that I was about to stop at, I stopped and waited to get my 3 bottles of water and talked to the two (an obvious mother daughter pair). I know this is not much of a story, they mother said they moved down there 6 months ago, but the daughter was on the cell phone talking to who knows who, stating in a panic that they were running out of money and any they could send would help.

I saw another woman again a white northerner (what can I say. .. they stick out) in another occurance, she was driving up the bario with a freind, she explained she had work in POP and was looking for a rental in the area I guess about 5000 pesos per month. She was middle aged and she also looked like a person that was running out of money . . . . I mean if your renting a $35/day car and looking for a rental under 5000 pesos a month your finances must be out of wack.

Any way I guess the question is, have others seen this occurance where US of other expatriats come down to DR and find while the living is cheap, the money is even harder to come by and end up in a desperate situation? I've seen enough German etc bar owners to know they are just stuck there wether they like it or not, but for others do you see this alot? and I guess comments on how easy it is for a forigner to find work in the DR would help.



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Jan 1, 2002
Very difficult for a foreigner to find work unless they have some skill that is in demand. Language problems, unwillingness to work for Dominican wages, large number of Dominicans seeking work, etc., etc., are among the reasons.

Every so often I see a foreigner outside the big Playero in Sosua begging for money. Probably good for Dominicans to see that all foreigners aren't rich.

This is why the advice on this board to anyone talking about relocating to the DR is to bring enough money to get you through about 6 months while you determine whether work can be found, and not to burn all your bridges at home because you may need to return to survive.
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