A very good day for all Dominican's yesterday!!


Feb 27, 2004
I will mention it here, because as of yet DR1 have not reported that Francisco Garcia and Carlos Villanueva were drafted to the N.B.A. yesterday evening on E.S.P.N. in the first rounds they did mention they were of Dominican descent and origin.

These men spoke Professionally and represented the community very well they have also graduated from there prospective university, one from Villanova, the other from louisville under coach Rick Patino.

Also no one has mentioned that this year was the first year a Dominican born, raised, and schooled in the island at least the first part of his life in D.R. took part in the College World Series in Omaha Nebraska, as we had our first representative in Julio Bourbon from the University of Tennessee, he is a freshmen, I had the pleasure of talking with him when he came to play the UCF golden knights here in Orlando Fl, and this well educated Dominican athlete looks for our support the next three years of his college career so to them CONGRADULATIONS! and hopefully they will be successful and continue to represent what a true Dominican should be, some are taking advantage, many others are still lost!!

If any one else know about any other Dominican accomplishments let it be written let it be told!!

peace Raffy aka D1
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