A Visit to DGCINE


Pro-Bono Demolition Hobbyist
Jul 24, 2004
DGCINE is the DR gubmintal agency that promotes, regulates and licenses the film industry in the DR. This is an industry the DR is anxious to promote.

We've visited their offices in the Capital several times recently, and they permitted me to take some pictures. This is a truly stunning Spanish courtyard villa in the middle of Gazcue.

The street view:

Onward to the front door:

There was a guy sitting in the lobby, so I didn't take a pic. I was fresh out of my Actor Release Form pads. The Director's office. Well, door:

The courtyard, like out of a movie:

Not sure what you'd call this, kinda an outdoor living room. I'm pretty sure golf shoes are prohibited:

I guess like a lot of movie stars, R2D2 looks so...different...in person:

And I'd never have recognized C3PO:

The back yard. Want:

Notice: no gas grill. Purely unacceptable.

The wifely babe striking a pose. She has a LOT of "ham" in her:

Not bad for gubmint work, huh?
May 12, 2005
Very nice house. Probably one of Trujillo's or his family. I love the idea of the courtyard in the middle of the house.


Pro-Bono Demolition Hobbyist
Jul 24, 2004
Houses like that are a dime a dozen in Santo Domingo, Robert.

Most are for sale, awaiting their fate to be torn down and replaced by a tower. It's a shame, actually.
I'll take a dozen, thank you.

It's just gorgeous!

We didn't get to tour rooms (other than one office) or the kitchen, but I suspect all are top notch...


Jan 23, 2007
Very impressive. Great tile, I assume imported from Spain or Portugal. Not ur typical office. I've seen a couple Dominican Films on cable recently including the one about the girl who eats ladybugs tracking down her father...which was pretty good.