Abinader advocates for Constitutional reform first


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader, speaking during his weekly press conference, La Semanal, said he would not seek office again once he leaves government in 2028. He says that the opposition that doubts he will keep his word thinks this way because their leadership promised the same and didn’t keep their word in the past. The past three Dominican presidents – Leonel Fernandez, Hipolito Mejía and Danilo Medina, all maneuvered to change the Constitution to enable their running for another term.

The 2015 Constitution under which President Luis Abinader was elected bans him from seeking a third term in office. Abinader has said he wants to push forward amendments to the Constitution, but insists it is not to enable him to run again.

Abinader says he wants to use the majority the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) received in the 2024 presidential and congressional...

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