Abinader appoints country brand committee


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Feb 20, 2019

With Decree No. 466-20, the Abinader administration creates a multi-sector committee to work out the country brand strategy and prepare the campaign to launch the Dominican Republic country brand. On the committee is President Luis Abinader, the ministers of Tourism, Foreign Relations, Industry & Commerce, Culture and the director of the Center for Export and Investment (CEI-RD). Named to the committee for the private sector are: Ligia Bonetti, Rafael Blanco, Carlos Marti, Manuel Pozo Perello, Paola Reinieri, Juan B. Vicini Lluberes, Pedro Brache, Hector Jose Risek, Fernando Capellan, Circe Almanzar and Celso Jose Marranzini.

The committee’s main task is to map out the strategy to implement a country brand campaign. To get things going, Abinader created a US$4.0 million fund promotion and management.

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