Abinader changes curfew hours, again


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Feb 20, 2019

The Abinader administration announced it is reducing curfew hours in the Dominican Republic. The Presidency issued Decree 253-21 that adds hours to circulation time and grace period. The measures are effective as of Monday, 19 April 2021.

On Wednesday, 14 April, the government had announced via Decree 231-21, a 45-day extension and the maintaining of the Monday to Friday, 9pm and 7pm Saturday and Sunday deadline for businesses to remain open. People were given three hours to get home.

Then on Friday, 16 April, the Presidency issued Decree 253-21 that extends the Monday to Friday deadline to 10pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays to 9pm with free circulation until 12 midnight every day of the week. This is excellent news for food vendors and businesses.

The 4-week positivity rate was 10.34% as of the Covid-19 Epidemiological Bulletin #395 with the deadline of 17 April...

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Feb 20, 2016
If free circulation is until 12 midnight....why not just let people circulate at all hours during the week.........


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Apr 12, 2019
I agree also it's pointless. But it does check a box, saying "we did something" in case things go bad again. Looking good is more important than doing good, at least to some.


Apr 29, 2014
With the curfew all but ended and no plan to close the borders or airports again. With no mandatory testing requirements to enter or leave the country and no interprovincal travel restrictions, one has to wonder what the real need is for the extension of the State of Emergency declaration into May? Mask wearing and gatherings do not seem to be enforced much around me. I am now beginning to see a concerning number of people inside stores and other businesses without masks, not just not wearing them or not wearing them properly, but actually not having one at all. Gatherings of people never seemed much of an enforcement priority in my town. In fact not much enforcement at all except for the very infrequent reports of police activity usually not directed at the major offenders or in the most obvious places where large gatherings were occurring. More than ever, all this now seems to be lip service that very few are listening to or complying with. No one should be surprised when the case count climbs least of all the Govt. Maybe the S.O.E. is still around for that eventuality so the back pedaling can begin immediately. Hard to fault the Govt for not administering vaccine doses they do not have but to see them gut the public protocols and enforcement when vaccination is at all but a stand still seems self defeating.
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