Abinader is pushing for 15+ bills in Congress


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Feb 20, 2019

Sources at the Presidential Palace have indicated to the media that President Abinader has some 15+ legislative initiatives, an addendum and a contract on the table to be carried out in 2023. The current extraordinary session of the legislature would give time to find consensus to pass the amendments to the Penal Code, the Election Law and the legislation covering public trusts.

Legislators also have pending what to do with confiscated assets of convicted persons and a bill on the statute of limitations, which does not really exist in the country.

Some of the proposals will really enjoy popular support, such as the one that will cover human trafficking or the one on reducing bureaucracy relating to civil aviation, thus making the country more attractive to fly-ins and private aviation tourism.

The issue of the public trust is subject to an addendum and the contract has to...

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Apr 1, 2014
Hope that confiscated assets thing goes through. I find it astonishing assets are returned to criminals.
Rumor has it the country was being run by criminals for around 16 years prior to August of 2020 so I'd say it comes as no surprise.