Abinader: Reforestation is a national priority


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader calls the National Reforestation Plan one of national security. He says that all government agencies will be dedicated to defend, protect and support it. He made the remark when participating with the Ministry of Environment in the National Reforestation Plan for 2023-2024 presentation.

President Abinader said that whoever attempts against forestry and rivers is attempting against the national security of the Dominican Republic. The Ministry of Environment is confronting the illegal aggregate extraction from river basins.

“This government will not only restore our river basins, but regardless of who affects them, we will protect them above any particular interest. To protect our river basins is to protect life. This is the main interest that all Dominicans must have,” assured President Abinader.

During the presentation of the National...

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