About the new board...


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Jan 1, 2002
Pepe, et al;
I'm a regular "lurker" & occasional contributor. I started lurking back in October when planning a first time trip to DR/Puerto Plata & looking for clues.

As for the new board;
Good points:
1) Clean look, very up to date.
2) Easy subject navigation.

Critical points:
1) I miss picking out the personalities in the threads. They often turned a mediocre post into worthwhile reading. Where are Hillbilly, PIB, TW, ECH,md, AZB, Sarah Irene & John (to name just a few).
2)Slow. I timed it over 30 seconds to back-up to the listings. I'm on DSL & checked my current bandwidth @ 481 KBPS download. Is it something I'm doing wrong? If not, can you improve? Just trying to be constructive.
Certainly, nothing ventured, nothing gained.