Acento shares how Gonzalo Castillo built his fortune


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Feb 20, 2019

A report in Acento online portal reveals that the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) presidential candidate’s enormous fortune is due to his long-time procurement contracts with the government. A graduate in business administration, Gonzalo Castillo was appointed to his first government job when he was named Minister of Public Works by President Danilo Medina in 2012. He resigned in August 2019 to seek the PLD presidential candidacy in the primary scheduled for 6 October that same year. He was not replaced until September 2019.

The report in Acento reveals that Castillo had made his first fortune as a leading computer supplier to the government. Micro and Minicomputers was first to benefit largely from government contracting, then his construction company Castillo Lopez would also benefit from government procurement. Coinciding with his appointment as minister of...
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