Advantages of Country clubs?

Adrian Bye

Jul 7, 2002
I like to swim, and a girl working for me has suggested I join their local country club here in Santiago (centro espanol). Its apparently the best club here locally, I think MrMike and his wife took me there a year or so ago.

I'm wondering if its worth joining, not just for the swimming, but for the overall environment.

I'm australian, so I come from a pretty laid back background - I'm not into the snootiness or arrogance that I've sometimes run across in wealthier latinos. I'm wondering what the people are like in the country clubs here..

It does sound like a decent place to hang out on weekends.

I'm curious - does anyone here belong to a dominican country club? Is it fun? Do you go often? How much do you pay? Are the people nice and friendly?


gringo in dr

New member
May 29, 2003
Centro espanol costs alot to join. One year ago the cost was around $2,000 USD (the equivilant in pesos). I don't know if they have raised their prices as the peso has dropped.

There is another decent club on the highway to santo domingo, before you reach the hospital under construction, left hand side. Prices there are much more reasonable. They just ran a special for 5,000 pesos. I'm thinking of getting a family pass myself.