Advice needed; Sabaneta (la boca), La Roka (near costambar POP), Projecto Abita


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Aug 6, 2011
To those that are in the know i ask the following. I should add that i am one of those hit with the Anoeca problem

Anoeca has properties available in the following areas that may go someway towards paying of his debt to his investors

My questions;
are there any land squabbles currently going on with respect to these properties (see below)?
what is the average price per metre i should be paying in these areas?
are these areas selling / popular?
do all have Government electricity access ?
Water access?
could you share any information about these areas? are they desirable areas? could they be re-sold?

Sabaneta- la boca (beach front/close to beach) $110 metre current value according to Anoeca

La Roka / Balero (past costambar entrance) 3500rd per metre

projecto Abita (This project is on the road to Santiago in the Mountains and over look POP 1500rd metre

please PM ....
i don't want to accept land that is owned / or in dispute with other people hence the reason for this post.

I am using DR1 lawyers. i am however hoping to obtain street knowledge

many thanks