Advice on Computer Setup in Santo Domingo

Pedro Tercero

New member
Dec 22, 2006
Hi, All,

I expect to be travelling back and forth between the US and the DR for the next couple of years, roughly spending a week in the US and 3 in the DR each month. My present laptop is pretty old, and slow to start up, etc., so I'm thinking to get a new one in the US I can use in both places and carry it back and forth. I have access to used Dells at good prices. I'm nowhere near being a superuser so want the simplest, most foolproof and serviceable system I can get. I'll be retired, so will have little help available from the corporate IT department where I now work.

I would use this box mainly for emails with DR1 and other people, surfing the net, writing letters to print, and keeping photos. I won't be running any huge engineering programs, etc. First question, would the locals in Santo Domingo with experience in this kind of back-and-forth life, go along with that approach?

Since I expect to be in the DR three weeks a month, if/when something goes wrong with the hardware or software, I'll probably be there when it happens. Second question, could I
get decent service for a computer I didn't buy from a local provider?

Third question, is there a brand of computer and operating system/software that is more widely used in the DR, that would be best for me to get? Apple? Dell, Compaq, etc?

Last question, since I don't know all the things to look out for in this matter, any advice on the topic would be appreciated.

Thanks for any advice. I should be in Santo Domingo August 27 through September 7 to look into any leads you guys/gals may be able to give me.


Pedro Tercero