Advice/Referral: Any and All Comments WELCOME!!!


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Jun 19, 2003
Hello All,

I have two important questions - one of which has been talked about extensively in the archives, but I would like more up to date oppinions.

The first one is:

I need an accountant here in the Dominican Republic and would love some referrals. I have plenty of knowledge of accounting so I do not need a bookkeeper. I mainly need a tax accountant, as I need to know exactly how to proceed with my business with tax related information. I would prefer someone that spoke a good bit of english, due to the fact that spanish is not to the point of speaking with someone regarding something so technical. If anyone could please refer me to someone that they use or have used that they feel is competent I would appreciate it. You can reply here or respond to In addition I am in Cabarete, so the closer to me the better (unless they are willing to commute to me).

The second is banking:

I currently have a personal dollar account and peso account with Banco Popular. I went to them today with all of my corporation papers to establish the company checking. Needless to say I walked out and did not establish it based on the manner in which I was treated. I have not been 100% pleased with my business at Banco Popular, however I have dealt with there ways due to the fact that I felt somewhat confident in their security.

Anyway, I am looking for a bank to open up a corporate checking account. If all goes well I would prefer to close my accounts with Banco Popular and transfer my personal accounts to a new bank as well, however one step at a time. I am in Cabarete .. so we have a branch of Popular, Progreso and BHD. What are your thoughts and suggestions or personal experiences with Progreso and BHD? If you do have an account with them what amenities do they offer. (For example - I really wanted a visa or mastercard check card for my bank accounts and Banco Popular did not have that - all they had was the atm card that can be used at a select locations as a debit card.) Any comments are welcome.

Once again thank you all for your help and Happy Turkey Day tomorrow.



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Oct 20, 2002

I have been using Progresso (in Sosua) for personal accounts and have been very satisfied with them. The manager speaks English well, has been very helpful. When I have wanted to withdraw dollars from accounts I have been able to do so without any problem. I don't know about their branch in Cabarete however. Hope this helps!


Feb 24, 2002
Progreso in Cabarete

When I first tried opening bank accounts in Cabarete, I was treated very badly by the banks in Cabarete with the exception of Progreso. I had letters of recommendation from my home bank, I had the property documents for my house and the dollars to drop into the accounts. Progreso in Cabarete were very pleasant and accommodating. I transfer funds on a regular basis and have had no problems. I am very pleased with them. I don't think they have the highest interest or exchange rates but they definitely do provide the service. ;)


May 3, 2000
Our accountant at dr1 tells me he needs more work -- who doesn't today with everything costing so much more. He does free lance accounting work. We are pleased with him and he is also knowledgeable in tax matters. Email me directly and I will put you in contact with him. Remember I will be in POP for the Thanksgiving dinner, so please give me until Monday to respond. He is not fully fluent in English but if you understand accounting, you should be able to work together. He has lived in the US.


Jan 14, 2002
I think it would depend on who you have running the particular branch. A idiot in any branch would make your life bad while a good person would make it lovely!

Too bad they don't have a Banco Santo Cruz there as there service is the best in Sosua and they really want more business.

I would NOT be so enamored with Popular as I HAVE recently HEARD that they were quietly bailed out with a cash infusion.

Progresso was ok but it took so long to get a deposit and withdrawal done I had to move. They were pleasant and polite though.

Let us know your experiences!


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Jan 3, 2002
Most professional accountant in Sosua is Hector Nicodemo.

Nicodemo & Asociados
Duarte 14
(809) 571-1203

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Sep 5, 2003
Banco Santa Cruz has that small town feel in which I think you might be happy with. Carlos Raul Mancebo is the Branch Manager along with his assistant manager Franciso Quintana are very accomodating with your banking needs. You're not a number that stands in line there. Every transaction I've done was handle over a cup of coffee while sitting at one of their desks. Their exchange rates are very competitive (today42.10-$1.00) and my US dollar account is easily and readily available to me---$$$$$$$ +++. Give them a call. 1-809-571-2222. :cool:


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Jun 19, 2003
Thank you all so much.

Thank you all so incredibly much. Banco Popular was rude beyond belief. I might not be their richest customer, but I keep my dollar and peso count with quite a high balance at any given time and I really think they should have been a little bit more helpful when it came to opening my company account. The pretty much threw my papers in front of me and told me that I did not have everything I needed, but would not tell me what I needed. They also told me that americans do not have good luck with businesses so maybe I should just user my personal account until I am sure it is "worth" paying the start up fees for a company checking. I about choked on my gum.


I am going to pay a visit to progreso on Monday after I pick up my stamp (that is what I was missing) and I am going to see how I like them. I might pay a visit to Banco Santa Cruz as well in Sosua although I am not sure if it is most effective for me as I make daily trips to the bank. However I will explore them all.

I will also contact the accounting references that I have been given! Thank you for all the great leads!


PS: Good seeing everyone this evening.


Jan 1, 2002
I will make sure that they hear about this

I am very unhapy to see this. Big has to be best and every client has to be #1...

Believe me, you might be seeing new faces in BPD-Cabarete!!