Advice to those who buy items with $U.S.

mike l

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Sep 4, 2007
I was at Playa Dorado yesterday and watched a couple purchase items in a store with $U.S. and after they left I asked the cashier what their exchange rate was.

She said they give you $RD 30 per 1 $U.S.

With an exchange rate of $RD 35 per 1 $U.S. Ergo, you are paying approximately 15% more doing it this way.

No wonder they don't want you leaving the resort !

You might get robbed......ha ha !


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yes, i know when somebody asks a exchange rate the vendors equally like bars and car washes and guagua copradores show that bad exchange rate.
but keep in mind:
if you ngo to any vendor shop in a tourist area you also can negociate your prize from the beginning in US currency, no exchange involved.
you just take your wished rate what the item is worth for you in US dollars and rgain on that base, and finally when reached a greement you pay in US and if they want to give you your exchange in pesos say NO, they have the exchange in dollars.


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May 22, 2004
...but at the same time in Sosua, at Supermercado Playero they are very good with the exchange. I bought groceries the other day with US$ and got 34.75: 1. Very good.
Can you insist on American chewing gum for the change? :paranoid:
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J D Sauser

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Nov 20, 2004
I never accept being quoted a price in USD. If they do, I mumble, look confused (play "Colombo") and ask "... y cuanto e eto?". If you can manage to make them fall for you not knowing about Dolares... the quote will usually fall much lower than converting even with the best rate available.
And yes, if you have good command of the local language, it works even in souvenier shops.

... J-D.
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Feb 7, 2007
You have to bear in mind that they have to go exchange the dollars into pesos, and it has a cost involved - time, fuel, etc.


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May 30, 2008
Unless you are buying a large amount of items and you know your way around you shouldn’t leave the resort. Vendors outside the resort are a lot of time worse than the one inside the resort. Whether inside or outside a resort area you have to negotiate. Vendors are mentally prepared to get what ever extra dollar they can.