Advice worth noting !! Regarding renovations or repairs in dr


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Nov 7, 2010
I am knowlegeable in renovations and repairs IN CONDOS AND HOMES ,however i had an kitchen counter top installation where the high end countrtop was being installed by a separate company ( BIG company) I was nervous ,since i had not experienced this installation before personally and as most people know high quality countertops are pricey and i WANTED to reduce the possiblility for SCREW UPS as much aspossible ....At the last MOMENT ,I contacted the KITCHEN INSTALLERS and asked one of them to supervise the installation ,since there were windowsills that would be covered too and i wanted IT to look NICE!!! HE SHOWED UP and the results turned out wonderfull He showed the company installers in a very nice way a few simple tricks to finishthe windows sills etc nicely .!!!!!! the bottom line ..IT NEVER WOULD HAVE LOOKED ANYWHERE AS NICE HAD ....I not chose to have someone i knew who would Know how its done!!!! sometimes YOU MUST HAVE A SUPERVISOR OF WORKERS ,that you DONT HAVE IMPECCIBLE REFERENCES FROM LONG TIME PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVED HERE , and you yourself dont know .!!!1 just a suggestion ....