Air Conditioning Repair

POP Bad Boy

Jun 27, 2004
I had sent 2 of my household employees to electrical school locally in POP about 2 years ago. (12 weeks, once a week for 4 hours) Now they are able to make side money on weekends and night doing electrical and plumbing work. I have been trying to find a "fast" course in the BASIC REPAIR of Air Conditioning for them. It has to be more of a "hands on" type thing since neither can read/write etc. I am looking for someplace in either POP or Santiago to send them to. Hopefully a 3 day type thing. Anyone know of any place where I can find this for them? It's about the only thing that they can't do, and I am tired of calling people to fix airconditioning so that the day after they leave they don't work again!!!!