Air Europa will merge with Iberia.

Feb 7, 2007
Iberia purchased Air Europa, unfortunately monopoly will bring nothing good in this case.
Not good

Let's hope it either doesn't get regulatory approval or if it gets it, it will have to make huge concessions. This si definitely not good for intra-Spain travel. For travel to DR, there is still Wamos y Evelop. But the competition was good, Iberia prices on MAD-SDQ were quite low if you could travel with just carry on.

I guess Hidalgo family must be doing really bad financially if they decided to sell their only cash cow within the Globalia holding.


Apr 1, 2013
First time when Iberia Left Santo Domingo for 1 year Air Europa said will increase the seats to SDQ but when they turned back increased the price 100% and cheapest price from SDQ to MAD was 1,500.00 US$ so be ready to repeat it when they become one, even they said both will keep separate one thing for sure will be that in destinations that they compete one of them will say good by.