Airbeds? Walmart?


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Jun 13, 2014
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As you know, purchasing a mattress unit, otherwise known as a "bed," can be an expensive proposition -- 15 to 20,000 $RD.

I've been looking at the manually or pump-driven "airbeds" sold by Intex Corp. which cost around $RD 4,000 +/-.
In the United States, these are sold at Walmart. Having slept on one for a few weeks at a friend's house in California, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort. Depending on how much air you add, you can adjust the firmness. Additionally, you can use these as modular units: a sofa by day and a bed by night. And they are easy to clean and store.

I have visited La Cuesta, La Sirena, and Sederias California. These venues have limited selections and, often, older models, and no pumps or accessories.

Is there a Walmart in Santo Domingo? Other recommended venues?


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May 1, 2005
I have this one by AeroBed.

Yes the air bed is comfortable for a few nights but definitely not something you would want to sleep on 365 nights a year. One of the problems I do not care for is fitted sheets don't work so I was forced to use flat sheets which get all scrambled up during the night. I recently replaced the aerobed with a normal full size bed in my guest room and now the aerobed will get little or no use.

A few nights, yes........ but for full time use please think again.

@ DV8, no they do not weigh a ton, more like half a ton. LOL


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Jun 19, 2009
The one I bought didn't survive my nephew and son (who, I suspect, used it as a giant slide), so definitely for adult use (and/or for guests who you don't want to get too comfortable) :)

Very convenient, though. Since I have frequent visitors quite frequently, a cheap day bed was the answer.


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Sep 27, 2006
A few nights, yes........ but for full time use please think again.
@ DV8, no they do not weigh a ton, more like half a ton. LOL
my parents bought one for me to use when i visit them. i agree, it's not suitable for daily use over a long period of time. it is also too heavy and too bulky to bring with regular courier like EPS. i would also worry about them surviving in heat and humidity in DR, not to mention zealous cleaning practices of dominican maids.

i would rather go for the cheapest sofa-cama from ikea, like this one:
better value for money.


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Apr 2, 2014
no walmart.

you can try buying directly from their website Cozy Airbeds - Whether you're hosting guests or traveling, you can easily inflate a great night's sleep - Intex and sending it in a tanque (they must weigh a ton).
Good option, Though from the NY area to DR a tank cost $ 150.00 but the Heavy corrugated box normally used 18" x 18" x 29" H is $ 75.00, the weight is not important, and there is leftover room then you stuff it inside. This is door to door delivery, and 3 weeks maximum. I know this because I have done many times & just had items shipped last week. That Box also qualifies you to send up to 50 lbs of Rice or 2.5 Gallons of cooking oil FREE, Just Place a label & wrap with Shrink-Wrap. Our shipper is AWILDA in Corona Queens