Airport construction in San Juan de la Maguana on schedule


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Airport Department (DA) reports that the El Granero del Sur Domestic Airport in San Juan de la Maguana province is progressing according to schedule. DA director Víctor Pichardo explains the airport is vital for the economic development of the entire southwestern region.

During a recent inspection tour, Pichardo observed the progress of work on the airfield, including the runway, aircraft parking apron, taxiway, and runway safety areas, as well as the area where the terminal building and the Dominican Republic Air Force barracks will be built.

In addition, he verified the actions being carried out by the Dominican Hydraulic Resources Institute (INDHRI) to relocate existing irrigation canals that are located within the airport grounds.

“Progress has been made as planned,” Pichardo explained. “We can see that in this first stage of the...

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