American looking to go to college at PUCMM


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Mar 3, 2014
I'm looking into attending PUCMM next January for a semester or until I graduate.
I'm wondering if this is a good idea. What is the reputation of this university? Will getting a degree there stand for something? It's just hard to see how credible a university is that I've never heard of.
What is Santo Domingo like? And Santiago?
What is the student life like?
Any other info.. let me know!


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Jan 2, 2012
I live in Santiago
You are in the US and you are considering going to school here? Are you crazy?

Get a US degree from the best college in the US that you can afford then get a good paying US job then .... come and visit us.


Jan 1, 2002
I am afraid I sort of have to agree with the above posters.

Unless you have excellent Spanish and know what you want to study, this or any
Dominican university is not the place for you.

You might send me a PM if you want to discuss this further.



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Feb 13, 2012
Even though I decided not to attend PUCMM, back-in-the-day I didn't know what to do either and all I wanted was a little more information. So here is goes! :)
There are several things that you will have to consider but one that sticks out to me and ultimately changed my mind was the lengthy admission process.
The process of spending a semester there is quite difficult in paperwork (but still achievable) if you

A) have all your legal documents apostillized(sp?) and translated including your current uni transcript.

B) if you speak, read or write Spanish.
All non latino expats have to pay RD$400 for a Spanish placement test. At the time, it was moderately easy for me, but the oral portion was the most difficult part. There are four levels of Spanish classes, each level is a semester long class (USD$150each).
I researched around and I took Spanish classes at UASD for less than half the price. (classes are 9 weeks) AGAIN, this is only if Spanish is not your native tongue.

I am going to tell you right now that if you want to spend all this money on getting everything legalized and translated, then it's probably better for your pocket that you don't just spend a semester but at least a year. Another thing is, I considered my major. I want to major in Education with a focus in ESL and I just couldn't find that program in PUCMM and so I opted for another University that has all classes in English and is "supposedly" accredited back home.

As far as student life, college is a little different here socially. There are no dorms (of any campus I can think of) but some apartments get cheaper the closer they are to the University. I have noticed that because students live with their parents until they are married and usually use their parent's car, there is a still a sense of "curfew" for lack of the better word. However, highschoolers start drinking rather young here so there is that too.

PUCMM is a great University and has a reputation for being one of the most expensive because of its credibility. A few of my coworkers attend classes there and they love it! DR1 has a lot of negative but helpful input to make you ask yourself if you really want this or not. I look for straight facts and people with specific experience and found very few people with both:) so good luck and I hope this helped!