Amid worries over fuel shortages, the Dominican Refinery says it guarantees supply


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Feb 20, 2019

The government-owned Dominican Petroleum Refinery assuaged concerns the country may find itself without sufficient fuel stocks. The Dominican Refinery says there is enough stocks to guarantee diesel and regular gasoline, propane gas, natural gas and fuel for jets (Avtur). Of commercial jet fuel the country has a demand of 150,000 barrels per month and the Dominican Refinery produces 180,000 barrels per month. The Abinader administration is subsidizing the price of fuels at a time when the barrel of oil (West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil) has been increasing.

The authorities do admit there is a shortage in fuel for small airplanes (100LL). The shortage affects private flights, aviation schools and aircraft carrying out farm fumigation operations. The demand for 100LL fuel is around 1,000 barrels per year. It is imported by Chevron (GB) and Esso, not by the Dominican...

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