An el Nino year ahead


The Fisherman/Weather Mod
Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
'Substantial' El Nino event predicted - BBC News

Good news for us for the coming hurricane season, but not so good news for those in the pacific region.

that can be seen very different.
low risk of storms forming east of the Island, so what? even the ones that form are for the eastshores extremely seldom a real danger to hit, but they bring at least a lil bit of water, which is always welvcome during the dry summer months.
and this season, 2015, running towards a severe draught summer, a full running El Ni?o summer would be a way bigger danger for human lifes than a Tropical Storm hit would be.
a drought situation as acyually in the make, that's a real threat.
i hope they are a bit wrong and we get a little bit of life saving WATER from the Skies.