Anonymous threatens Attorney General’s son


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Feb 20, 2019

Attorney General Miriam German Brito told the press that she has received threats via WhatsApp. The one that most concerns her is a threat to the life of her son.

“I can send to kill your son,” she was told via WhatsApp. German Brito said the warning was made to intimidate her to not touch certain people that are in prison. She says she does not have the identity of the person sending the threat.

The head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office said: “It was someone who sent me a message by WhatsApp, telling me that, if they touched his people, I don’t know who his people are in the prisons, that was going to be resolved with blood and that it was not mine, the one who wrote, said it, just like that: ‘I can send him to kill your son,'” said Miriam German.

German received this morning a group of supporters of the Green March, at the Attorney General’s Office, who showed their support in...

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