Another 300 million $$ scandal in the making - Banco Central


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Feb 7, 2007
After the scandal of huge millionaire pensions to Hivanjoe NG Cortinas and 46 other people, there is another scandal in the making. This time it concerns the DR's Central Bank (Banco Central)

According to Z101 Digital, yesterday during the Gobierno de la Tarde an accusation was made that the Banco Central reported its spending for advertising at 285 million pesos, while only about 5 million can really be justified according to known advertisement collocation,a nd the rest is just "phantom" advertising that never materialized, but was paid for. Also noted in the report was the fact that there are internal "freelance journalists" working for BC who get paid between 250 and 300,000 pesos for each column they write for BC (presumably published in national newspapers).

They are asking Camara de Cuentas (Chamber of Accounts) to initiate internal audit of the Central Bank as to the whereabouts of the 300 million psos that were presumably spent on advertising, and also to verify allegations that the BC governor H?ctor Valdez Albizu has so far received just by himself over 56 million pesos in pensions.

z101digital - Revelan*Banco*Central gasta*$300 millones en publicidad inexistente*


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Apr 3, 2004
I bet someone didnt get enough millions of the cake. I can almost "hear" how these greedy cochroaches now are phoning eachother, promising money and gifts in east and west.

Everything to avoid the light....

And the poor stays in the barrio without a voice.