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Jan 2, 1999
From an early age, Ocana has been in intimate contact with the exploration of the visual universe of aesthetics. The son of a recognized Dominican architect, Ocana understands the importance of including works of art as essential components in residential, commercial and other designs. He values paintings as living objects that should co-exist in dialogue and harmony within specific spaces.

Art is the language that survives entire civilizations. When living in Peru, Ocana engaged in the study of indigenous cultures and their remaining archaeological sites; in Japan, where he lived for many years, he studied Sumie—Japanese painting—which allowed him to personally appreciate this ancestral Asian culture. As a young man in the Dominican Republic, Ocana developed a successful banking career that spanned over a twenty-five year period. His work led him to visit most Latin American countries, affording him the opportunity to experience their unique cultures, while meeting outstanding Latin-American artists.

His passion as an art collector and his interest in the visual arts ultimately imposed themselves over the banking career, and in 1995 Ocana decided to dedicate himself exclusively to the international promotion of recognized icons of Latin-American visual arts.


The gallery works by appointment exclusively. We offer only the best original fine art created by highly reputed artists of both the Dominican Republic and Latin America. We ship to any country where FEDEX and other similar courier companies operate. Even though we sell primarily to individual collectors, we also advise and assist in the purchase of art for corporate and museum collections.

Antonio Ocana Art Gallery - Dominican Republic