Any Clinics/Camps for LL Practice?


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Sep 23, 2003
Hello Everyone,

My son is starting to spend his summer months in the DR during summer vacations. Does anyone know if there is a school/clinic/academy that we can sign him up for lessons while he is there? He 10 years old and is currently playing his 1st year in the Little League Majors here in the US. He loves baseball and would like to get some training while in the DR. We would be looking for something in the area of Sto Dgo.



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Mar 2, 2005
Steve, if the poster is a woman, she may not be responding to you as she does not want to private message with a strange man she doesn't know. I know that if somebody private messaged me numerous times I probably would not respond either - there are some crazy people out here on the internet, though I'm certainly not suggesting that you are one of them!!

If you have information that's relevant to the topic, why not post it in public for the poster as well as everybody else to see? That way we (and future dr1 users who search on this topic) can all gain some knowledge on the issue.
Here's the info

mb2 - Negrecita was away, but now has returned. She and I have been posting back and forth. Thanks

For anyone else who might be interested - Liga Enrique Cruz in Santo Domingo will be holding its annual baseball camp/clinic this summer. It starts on Monday July 16th and ends on Friday August 10th. It runs M-F from 8:30am-12:30pm. The cost is 1800 pesos per week. If anyone would like more information, please PM or email me.