Any details on the BIG BOOM this AM in Torre Alta POP?

The Virginian

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Mar 16, 2007
Heard a loud boom at 5:48AM, emergency vehicles responded at 6:06AM. Couldn't see anything from my window other than the flashing lights. The emergency vehicles went up the last road before Cerro Mar. Any body know more about this?


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Feb 22, 2007
All sorts of problems with the power today.
Last night 9:00 pm there was a huge "red" type flare/explosion without the sound (BOOM) up here. Our distant neighbors called us to see if we were ok.
Today the power truck was in the vicinity and there are lines down up the road.
As for the "boom" you heard, my contact in T.A. said that at 2:00am she thought there was an earthquake. Sirens and cops everywhere thereafter. Not sure what the cause was.