Any line up ??


New member
Jan 13, 2012
23 years ago when i came to the Canadian Embassy (hotel Comodore) in SD there was a fantastic line up of people waiting to get in. They had spend the all night under pouring rain. In the morning the Embassy staff were taking the first 15 guests to process. Is anyone know the situation now ? It is located on Winston Churchill, Acropolis center 18 floor.
Thanks a lot for your infos.

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
When I went to renew my passport in January there were a dozen or so people sitting in a waiting room that will hold about 30. There is pass control when you enter the building and you have to give them id and they give you a pass, then you go through security, to the elevator, then when you get to the Embassy you go through security again. No line to speak off.