Anyone know moving companies to the Dominican Republic?


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Feb 13, 2006
My mother is moving to the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and she is looking for a moving company that will take all her things including her car.....Does anyone know any reliable shipping/moving companies

My mother lives on Los Angeles, CA, USA


Jan 8, 2002
Moving Companies

You can do a search in this forum under moving for all threads regarding this subject.

I will try to keep this simple for you.

You can contact a moving company. Most brand name moving companies will have an international department where a quote can be obtained for a household goods move. Try to get at least three quotes. However, the prices quoted most likely will be very high, in the thousands of dollars for a door to door service. It will be discouraging. If your mother's car at the time of shipment is older than 5 yrs it will not be accepted into the D.R.

You can contact an ocean freight forwarding company and request assistance from them. They can provide a menu of logistical services and documentation depending on your mother's needs and pocketbook. Don't be put back if they say they do not do household goods moves, ask if they know of a forwarder specializing in moves. Somebody will steer you in the right direction.

Also, there will be someone from the forum aware of a shipping company in the L.A. area specializing in shipments to the island to offer advice.

If you do ship and if your mother is not of Dominican birth the shipment will be taxed upon entry to the country. The house goods will not be released from the port of entry until they are inspected and all taxes/fees are paid. The car will be placed in an impound yard at the port and will be held in storage for inspection, tax assessment, and papers processed for issuing a license plate and registration. You will pay for car storage at the yard. The car will not be released from the impound until taxes are paid; the plate and registration are paid for and then issued.

The easiest, less costly, less stressful option is for your mother to sell most of the bulk; household goods and car. She can then opt to use the gains of the sale to ship her remaining personal (emotional) items to the island at less overall costs, taxes, fees, and then buy locally what is needed for her comfort.

It is late now and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Someone will pick up where I left off.


william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Contact a freight forwarder like . You will pack the container just like any house move - professionally packed and secured.
The container will have the car and furniture and probably be a 40 ft one (mine was)

The freight forwarder guides you through all this.

In RD contact , they will assist you on importing whether tax free or not.

Its a bit time consuming , a bit hard on the nerves but not that difficult - just tedious.

I expect you'll sail from the west coast thru the canal... about 3weeks to a month.

Use Caucedo as the arrival port and go by land to POP.
The POP dock is notoriously corrupt - that came from the head Aduana man in SD.