Apartments in Puerto Plata


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Apr 10, 2002
I am moving to Puerto Plata at the end of August to teach at The Learning Tree School. I will be there till then end of June and am looking for a nice place to live. The school is located in front of Rum Brugal and I prefer to live close by. I would need a furnished bachlor or 1 bedroom place. If anyone has any advice or perhaps contacts cencerning apartments that can help me out I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get as you know it is difficult to look for a place from Canada.
Thanx to all :)


Jan 14, 2002
Contact Grahame Bush on this board. He is a Brit that lives in Puerto Plata that loves to help people on this board. He has helped me in the past.

He goes under BUSHBABY

Just promise to bring him pipe cleaners and he is as happy as a pig in a trough. LOL Seriously a real nice helpful person.

Good luck!