Apartments in Puerto Plata


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Jul 1, 2003

I'm looking for economic apartments in Puerto Plata for my fiance.

She's Dominican and will be relocating shortly.

I'm looking for furnished apartments with water and electricity.
And a kitchen and stove would be nice but not necessary.

However, decent security and proximity to public transportation is a must.

I'd like to stay in the price range of $200-300 a month, but I'm flexible and reasonable.

I just need some input into apartments in Puerto Plata.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Mar 13, 2005
You dont mention the size of the apartment you are looking for.

There are furnished apartments for rent on long or short term in Atlantico for for 7500 pesos per month, incl, generator.
These are 2 bedroom apts, but I think they are rented out, you did not mention from what period you are interested.

Also available various in Torre Alta in the pricerange of 8000 - 12000 pesos per month.

On Malecon there are furnished apts 1 -3 bedroom as well, last time I heard the rent was 10000 and up to 20000.

I think the best is to come here for a day and to look around, there is always people who have heard of some apt.. But as you know here the mentally is very much "now", available today and gone tomorrow..


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Apr 15, 2005
Looking for Apartments in Puerto Plata


I just moved back to Canada from Puerto Plata. I lived in an apartment building in Ensanche Luperon, 1 block from the Malecon. The apartment was very small - a studio with a bed, tv, fridge, small stove, dresser and bathroom. We always had hot water and there are also laundry facilities available. As of last Friday, I believe there are still some apartments available. The owner's name is Juan and if you would like his telephone number, please send me an email. The monthly rent was $7,000 RD.


Brit Chick

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Apr 26, 2005
I too stayed in an Ensanchez Luperon, the apt block mentioned by Andrea. We were paying 13500 pesos per month for a 1 bed apt, its small but clean, we had a cleaner come every two days. Its fully furnished and comfortable. The area is very lively but not too noisy. We really enjoyed staying there.

We also had a 2 bed apt in Torre Alta, rented from a man called Jeffrey (which we found through this site- just use the search tool) which cost us around $200 us per month.

Whatever you do dont stay in a place called Bramfield (also found through searching on this site) we booked as a last minute and wasnt told when we booked that it was miles into a mountain (above the columbus water park), about a 45 min walk up a dirt track, no buses or taxis will go up there. My friend has really bad ashma and almost passed out several times trying to get back up tehre after going out for food!! Its also very unsafe, our front door or patio door didnt lock!! The shower had sand in the bottom as well as a rusty old razor! I wouldnt even let a dog stay in that place, plus we were charges ?400 us for the pleasure of staying there for our first 4 nights (3 of which we spent camped out on a friends floor instead).

Hope you find a nice place, im looking to go back so post again if you find somewhere reasonably priced and in a nice area.