appartment / room (GAZCUE)

rob hawke

New member
Nov 8, 2003
hi and help!

Am searching for accomodation for myself around Gazcue preferibly, not wanting to pay too much. A few options are going through my mind.

1) is there anyone who is renting a room out of their appartment flat for less than RD$4500?

2) am thinking of getting a place with 2-3 rooms and then advertising for a room mate. Is anyone in the same boat who wishes to share? Need a place for RD$8000 at the most - is this possible in Gazcue.

Am keeping my eyes and ears peeled but any help would be very welcome.

Also is there any tennis players out there who would like a little game? I brought my racket but I?ve been here two months and its lying dormant....